Self-employed with 10000 USD

You can not start your own business. At the beginning of the self-employment stand in my opinion two concepts: Either one starts small and works slowly upwards, or one takes a few 10,000 USD or perhaps even a few 100,000 USD in the hand and tries to market with a crowbar and in the To conquer storm. Concession systems with equity of less than $ 10,000. Start your own business with the Astro Finance franchise system. Capital: from $ 10,000, – more “- Start-up with the AMB franchise system.

Puzzle: Start your own business with $ 10000?!

Puzzle: Start your own business with $ 10000?!

Puzzle: Start your own business with $ 10000 ?! Concretely: A complete part costs 200, – USD. The part that failed here regularly costs a lot in the end. A small plant for the production was still necessary, for about 50, – USD and an existing plant in the value of about 2000, – USD (former factory price) I had discovered an opportunity to restore this part.

Of course, I did not tell anyone how I did it, but hobbyists offered the part for the purchase price. This false registration with the Comcos and Industry, which was probably also carried out by the Trades Licensing Office (if I remember rightly), costs a fine of $ 250.

I do not think that is a lesson for trusting the authorities in the future, and now we have reached around $ 2300 if we include an existing instrument and a fine. After that, the request and also my desire to work independently in this area increased. I then also posted the offer with us and immediately in the first month of life almost 300, – USD fee.

First of all, excited about these vultures of us, but that’s just the rent, with costs for the ebay store together estimated at 15% of the sales volume. The same efforts at led to an aspect ratio of 200: 1. 1 on 200 products sold at the company hoods, although I offered them at the company hooded 20% cheaper.

With an investment of about 2300, – USD, it can work if you enjoy something, the necessary ideas and the feasibility.

Become independent?

Become independent?

Hi! I started my own business 15 years ago, and of course I’ve been involved in the business startup since then. Also in my group of people there are some self-employed, whose difficulties I have also noticed in part. Hence this website with information, tips and opinions about self-made. At the beginning of the self-employment stand in my opinion two concepts: Either one starts very slowly and goes up, or you reach a little 10,000 USD or maybe even a little 100,000 USD in the hands and wants the way to success with a crowbar and bucket ,

If you have a little 100,000 USD, do not go into business yourself, but have a good life. If you do not have a couple of 100,000 USD, you probably only have the chance to start your own business, to do a lot and to do a lot, to do a lot and to have a lot of stamina. It would still be conceivable to start with employment and a part-time self-employment in order to be able to work regularly in the troubled start-up phase.

What the customer can do or get himself, he probably will not buy from you. If you only want to sell standard products that you also buy on the net or in the store, it is simply unnecessary. Above all, the customer wants to acquire things or services from you that he can not do himself or that he can not obtain from other (“already known”) suppliers.

For you as a provider, the supply situation could improve, but consumers need a lot of time to change their previous habits – even if the previous situation was difficult. The customer is like a sluggish, hard, ignorant and reluctant crowd. Of course, when you start your business, you need some capital to start a business and meet a few basic requirements, but if your plans to start your own business are based on spending foreign money, the requirements do not seem to exist.

Ideally, you have saved yourself a lot of USD, which you can use to finance your factory equipment and benefit from it in the first few months of your life, because in the beginning, you are less likely to count on incomes to survive. That’s why you would rather save a stock in advance, first calculate with little income and have your hands off the capital you do not own.

Who wants to do everything wrong, put the income in the wallet and spend it. If the accounting department in Switzerland was not your preferred subject (if available), please allow 100 to 200 USD per week as permanent, incidental operating costs for a tax expert. And after a couple of years maybe it’ll be funny.

Because you can work anywhere for free, you do not have to be self-employed. The customer wants a solution, ie he wants something sold, but of course he does not want to be messed up. The trick is to offer the consumer something, but only what he really likes.

However, a dissatisfied customer is no longer seen – and his negative statement may startle others. The saying “Who does not advertise dies” is true, but that should not be so misunderstood that you have to spend tens of thousands for advertising in the first few weeks.

Advertisers want to use this as a selling point, but as a businessman you have to ask yourself the other way around with the principle of restraint: If it’s not measurable, do I need a lot of publicity then? Suppose a classified ad cost 400 USD.

You sell goods that make you between 1 and 10 USD per item plus VAT, so we just assume an average of 5 USD per auction. So you would have to sell at least 400: 5 = 80 goods to compensate for the advertising costs at least – without until then earn a penny.

To distribute a product, you may need to have a conversation with 3 people. So you have to have 3 * 80 = 240 sales calls to sell 80 goods to get 400 USD of raw “profit”, which you then use to bill the ad. 240 sales are free.

A 240-person sales campaign, just to have your ad for a day in the newspaper. Only 3 more conversations later you sold the 81st product, which would actually bring you the first 5 USD (on the condition that you have no further expenses). If you did not get 240 new buyers into the shop with this single advertisement, that was a disadvantage.

Then they had to raise the necessary capital through 240 sales negotiations. We multiply our sales calls accordingly: 2,400 customers and calls would be necessary to pay for the 10 advertisements (even without own profit). These 10 ads were only a success if they gave you at least 2.

Get 400 visitors in the shop (of course, only other visitors who were not there without the advertising ….). If you have the impression that so many new buyers are storming your business just for advertising, go ahead. Otherwise, stop burning your own weight. It’s easy to spend a lot on most people, everyone can pay a lot.

Just because you started your own business, you do not have to buy a big vehicle. You only did it when you paid all the taxpayers’ money, paid all the suppliers, could afford your employees and then a lot more.