Savings Booklets: Free Online Comparator

Are you looking for a better investment than Liveret A? Thanks to the Davenis comparator Aklas, you can compare the different savings booklets and independently choose a high-performance offer adapted to your needs.


Why choose the savings book?

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Since August 1, 2015, the Liveret A rate is at its lowest in its history. It is lowered to 0.75%. The Liveret A is historically one of the favorite investments of the French. Today, savers want to value their investments and are looking for more profitable savings products.

Faced with this, many banks have decided to offer their own savings booklets. These bank booklets are available from traditional banks but also online banks. The rate is more advantageous than Liveret A and varies by institution.


Booklet A, LDD, LEP: which booklet to choose?

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Savings products are numerous. There is a need to distinguish between regulated booklets and unregulated booklets. Regulated booklets are exempt from tax and their rate is framed.

  • The Liveret A pays 0.75% and capped at € 22,950.
  • The Young Booklet, reserved for savers aged 12 to 25, paid at least 0.75% and capped at € 1,600.
  • The Sustainable Development booklet is remunerated at least 0.75% and capped at 12 000 €.
  • The popular savings account has a rate of 1.25%. It is capped at € 7,700 and is intended for modest households whose annual income is less than € 19,236.

It should be noted that the Housing Savings Account (CEL) and the Housing Savings Plan (PEL) are regulated savings products subject to social security contributions of 15.5%.

Unregulated savings products, also called super booklets, are also available in banking institutions. They offer a higher rate of pay than regulated savings books and a lower deposit limit. These savings booklets are subject to taxation.


What is the yield of savings booklets?

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The yield of a regulated savings account is at least 0.75%, Liveret A rate. Banks are free to offer a higher rate, which is why it is possible to find savings products at rates between 0.75% and 2.20%.

It is not uncommon for banks to offer promotional rates to attract new savers. These rates are between 2.50% and 5.25% but are only applied for a limited period of 3 to 12 months. These promotional offers may require a first payment.


Compare savings books on Davenis Aklas

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Whether you want to save for yourself, for your children or as part of a real estate project, you can count on Davenis Aklas to compare rates, promotional offers but also the conditions for regulated savings products or not.

To save the best, you will find a complete comparison of savings pass rates applied by traditional banks and online banks. Thus you will discover who offers the best rate while remaining informed of the various promotional offers available. Do not wait any longer, compare the savings booklets on Davenis Aklas!