Romantic Restaurants in Warsaw

Well, I don’t know about you but I know one thing for sure – Warsaw is not famous all over the world with its romantic restaurants. On the other hand this doesn’t mean that there are not romantic places where you can take your soul mate. By the way I have always admired people who want to take their soul mates to excursion in different city or country and of course are looking for some romantic place. This is definitely great.

So friends of mine have been to Warsaw a couple of years ago for their honeymoon. The first thing I should tell you about them is that they preferred to rent apartments in Warsaw rather than apartments in Krakow because they had to choose between those two places. And since I’m from Saint Petersburg and my friend is from Miami we made a simple comparison of prices of the apartments there Apartments Miami and Saint Petersburg apartments. Well for our luck the prices in Poland were a little bit lower. So this is why they decided to rent an apartment. Now they decided to pick up Warsaw exactly because of the romance. I mean everybody has a different idea of romance. For one person this might be sitting on the beach and watching the stars, while for another one it could be the company of the people you love, especially if this event takes place in a good restaurant. So they have heard that Warsaw is an approximately not really busy city (compared to Saint Petersburg) and they decided to go there.

The first romantic place they were offered to visit was – Royal Baths Park. I’m not going to explain you every tiny detail on this area or give you a description. This is why I’ll leave you one simple link where if you are already interested can read lots of useful information.
I think the best place that they considered as romantic and were extremely satisfied with was a restaurant named Absynt. It is located somewhere around the city center, unfortunately I can’t give you the exact location but I know that if you look on internet you will find it. The place was specialized in French cuisine and the chef was really famous. Of course if you want to try something more sophisticated you can try some Spanish or oriental specialties.

They visited one more place which was niceas well. I think its name was AleGoria. A romantic restaurant located in the center of the city as well. It is in the very heart of the city actually. The whole place is made of taste – the designers who have created it are worldwide famous and there is basically no way to dislike the interior. The cuisine is also amazing and the atmosphere as a whole is great. I think these are the only two places they managed to tell me. Maybe because their stay was really short but I hope I have helped you, anyway the internet is full of information and I’m sure you will find what you have been looking for.

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