Is Dr. Oz and the Super fruitdiet the real deal

By now many of us have herd about an amazing new weight loss product recommend by a Dr Oz. The “diet is promoted By Dr. Oz” on his show, The Dr. Oz show that has become as popular as a Dr. Phil of health products and their true benefits. Key ingredients like Green coffee bean extract and raspberry ketone are purported by Dr Oz to be the foundation to a weight loss formula that is called the superfruit diet. Dr. Oz suggest that these all natural ingredients are a break through for helping people of all body types and ages loose weight and unwanted fat. The question we need to ask ourselves is does the recommendation from Dr Oz come from good health science or self promotion. Taking a closer look at Dr. Oz, one can find that he has a very popular show and is very popular with day time television people often called, “the Oprah crowd”. Some have suggested that he has made the recommendation to boost his show ratings. He does not get monetary compensation for any of the health products he has made recommendations of. His show was very popular before and is not solely a success because of his endorsement of the superfruit weight loss product. He discusses and reviews a lot of different products and most are not the topic of success that the this diet is. He mentions African mango for its role in the super fruit weight loss formula and continues to stand behind the products he endorses. Dr. Oz continues to endorse ingredients like Green coffee bean extract as the miracle that can take fat off any one with any body type. Another health product analyst Lindsey Duncan have also called this formula the miracle pill. She stated, quote “This miracle pill can burn fat fast for anyone who wants to lose weight” unquote. With other professional recognizing the benefit of this weight loss formula it seems to confirm that Dr. Oz is coming from a un biased point of recommendation. Looking up the episode where Lindsey Duncan and Dr. Oz discuses the superfruit formula can be found on Dr. Oz’s website.
The evidence seems to point to the fact that this weight loss formula can deliver the weight loss it is promoted to giving. Its a good idea to look at a product with a little skepitcism when dealing with weight loss products. There are a lot of products that are mostly promotion, and when it gets to the results they fall short. This weight loss product as recommended by Dr. Oz seems to deliver proven results on almost anyone.